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3 Wedding Tips!

What every bride and groom to be should know before planning a wedding!

In this section, i am not going to give the usual wedding tips (floral arrangements, running orders, etc.... you'll can find that everywhere. These are my top 3 tips that newlyweds-to-be sometimes overlook

The Vibe

Weddings that get the vibe all wrong are the worst. Ever been to a wedding that felt formal and stuffy? Like you weren't allowed to have fun? Make sure you confirm with your celebrant (and your MC) the vibe of the wedding you want. Your wedding should match your personality and reflect the vibe your friends and family feel when they are invited over to your place for dinner and drinks.

Wedding Reception

The Food

Ever been to Macca's on the way home from a wedding because you were still hungry? Its the worst! If you make sure the guest's bellies are full you will have them feeling content. If you are doing canapés make sure that they are not so few and far between that guests are forced to flock like seagulls on hot chips!

The Drinks

probably even more important than food is the drinks. Weddings are celebrations and drinks put everyone in a celebratory mood. the sooner you can get a drink in the hands of your guests the merrier they will be. Make sure there is a good selection of wines, beers, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks

Fruity Cocktails
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3 more tips...

because why not!

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Image by Dan Burton

The Activities

Sometimes the last thing to be planned are activities. These are just fun things for your guests (and the children in attendance) to do. Think photo booths, lolly tables, signing book, guest art (like fingerprint trees), disposable cameras, yard games (for outdoor weddings). This creates special memories for your guests to remember rather than just drinking, eating and dancing!

The Music

What would a wedding be without music!? I think that you can never beat live music. Do you have a friend that can play an instrument (Guitar? Piano?) and sing? They could entertain your guests as they arrive or sing you the perfect aisle entrance song. It also means they they can time their song perfectly to the variations in timing while walking down the aisle. (for example, building to a climax as the bride enters)
Live music (such as a band) can also be a great idea for the reception/after party. Nothing beats the energy of a live band that can belt out the crowd favourites. There are many bands and musicians who will interact with and entertain your guests as well.
And finally of course, make sure you get a Dj who can get everyone dancing well into the night... with dance floor fillers!

Band Practice
Wedding Photo Shoot

Finally: Defy convention!

Weddings are steeped in tradition. Many traditions you will likely keep. But think: which ones do you really want? For example, do you have to have male groomsmen and female bridesmaids? Does the groom really have to meet the bride at the alter? Can you walk the isle together? Do you have to hide away from your guests before the ceremony? Can you greet them as they enter? Does the bride have to wear white? Or even a dress? Does the bridal party all have to match or can they express their individuality? do your witnesses or speeches have to be pre-planned? Is there room for spontaneity? Can you have a ritual during the ceremony that reflects you as a couple? a time capsule? a sand ceremony? Hand fasting?

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